Our Team

Student Company Eha – a group of five high-school students from Tallinn 21st School who finally found themselves a proper pursuit. Although a student company was always in our cards, we found it rather difficult to come up with an idea that would satisfy our high-achieving spirits.
Seemed like we had tried everything, but we just couldn’t find the desired challenge accomplishable in 9 months. Until a bulb went off over our heads.

 A 12-volt Mk16 / GU5.3 / G4 LED bulb, to be exact.

We are glad to announce that in April, ÕF Eha was given the title of

Kaisa Kumpas


CEO Kaisa – our boss. With sparkling eyes and a chaming smile she keeps the team together and makes sure that everything flows smoothly. Kaisa knows, what’s right and whats best. Under her careful watch we can always be sure that we’re taken good care of.


Oliver Sild

product developer

Meet Oliver – our technological brain. He’s the one who will receive the biggest electricity bill at the end of the month. It is thanks to his endless experiments that we can bring our sparkling product to the market. Meie oleme temast täiesti sillas. Varsti oled sina ka!


Lisett Sigur

it and finance manager

This is Lisett. As CFO, she completes tables and writes down everything that comes and goes. There is no lack of clear mind and precision in her case – before we spend, we report!


Lotta-Lorette Kalmaru


Let us present Lotta-Lorette. This sunny girl takes excellent care of both our communication and marketing. A name so lovely, a girl even sweeter.


Karl-Juhan Kangur

sales manager

This is Karl-Juhan, our salesman. He has ambition bigger that capacity, but lets be honest – you have got to dream big! Get ready, because our talkative Karl-Juhan will soon be spreading light like missionaries in their time.