Eha lamp kaanepilt, lamp hämaras, disain, valgustus, juhtmevaba valgusti
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warm, beaming and cozy
Eha lamp comes anywhere you desire, carrying light and warmth within. It's a piece of shimmer that belongs to you.
Eha lamp, kalekirjakud, raamat, disain

eha glow anywhere

Eha lamp is designed to offer style, light and warmth to every occasion. With a desire to stay natural and environment-friendly, we have given new life to excess wood from Estonian furniture factories. Created with love and devotion.
Eha lamp, kalekirjakud, raamat, disain
Eha lambi valgus, taim, raamat, disain, funktsionaalsus
Eha lambi valgus, taim, raamat, disain, funktsionaalsus
practical and chic
Design lamps can be seen nearly everywhere, as well as ones made of wood. Even wireless lamps are becoming more and more common. Yet such lightning often sacrifices design to functionality. We, however, brought those two together - EHA lamp is a perfect combination of both style and comfort, wood and batteries.
Student Company Eha team is a group of five high-school students from Tallinn 21st school. We are determined to work hard day and night in order to be able to present to you something incredibly radiant.
what makes us special?
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