Light beam in storm





PS! This post refers to an event that happened far before the beginning of the crisis. Please stay safe!

 It is a regular night in February

Although it is still quite special for some – Eeva, for example, is celebrating her big jubilee in Saaremaa. Despite the  storm raging outside, family and old friends from all over Estonia have gathered together to celebrate the grand anniversary. Many delicious meals are covering the table and sheepskins on sofas keep everyone warm; accordion  sounds fill the room and everyone sings along to nostalgic songs. But as all good things, this wonderful night has to come to an end. Many say their last goodbyes and the party has ended.

However some of the dearest old friends can’t leave just yet. They gather everything thats left and decide to move the party over to the hostess’s place.  Somebody brings out old photo albums and people start recollecting all the good memories. Yet suddenly this fun is cut short by the horrible rage outside – power outage leaves the whole island dark.  

Until one lady remembers the gift her children had brought – a lamp that needs no wire connection.

The lamp is dug out and the joyous night can continue, as the lamp illuminates the room until sunrise.

It is probably quite obvious where this story is going :).The hero of the hour really was EHA cordless table lamp. And it is such unexpected situations where our lamp saves the day. Carrying warmth and emotion when it is needed the most – during a blackout, for example.

When we heard that story, it warmed our hearts. This is exactly what we aimed for, when starting this company. To create something truly useful, something, that has a meaning and story dear to the owner. To give the home solution a deeper meaning. 

What is the story of your lamp?

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What is the story of your lamp?